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Explore a wild collection of UFO conspiracy theory art

UFO – Howe, L – Glimpses of Other Realities – PG 263. Images courtesy of Anthology Publishing Almost 70 years after the first widely reported UFO sighting, humanity’s obsession with aliens has produced a multiverse of cultural artifacts, from blurry photos to blockbuster movies. An exhibition at the Milk Gallery entitled Flying saucers are real! […]

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‘Big Bang Theory’ delivers Bob Newhart’s comeback, adds Bill Nye – The Hollywood Reporter

CBS ‘ The Big Bang Theory Welcomes Emmy Winner Again Bob newhart for a November episode that will also feature Bill nye. Newhart will reprise his role in the Nov. 7 episode when his teacher Proton contacts Leonard (Johnny Galecki) for help with an experiment and a despised Sheldon seeks revenge by befriending a TV […]

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‘Big Bang Theory’ books Kate Micucci for return visit (exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Does love bloom again for The Big Bang TheoryIs it Raj? Kunal Nayyarthe love interest of season six Kate micucci booked a round trip to the CBS comedy, Hollywood journalist has learned. PHOTOS: The most nerdy guest stars of “The Big Bang Theory” Micucci, who played Lucy, the socially awkward woman who chose to break […]

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Review of the film “Frankenstein’s theory”

Vicky (Heather Stephens) is a documentary filmmaker who follows a disgraced professor in search of a monster in “The Frankenstein Theory”. (Arctic Film Group, LLC) The idea behind “Frankenstein’s theory “is quite clever, although more than slightly silly: Mary Shelley’s Monster was not a fiction, but a barely disguised fact. That’s what the film’s protagonist, […]