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Big Bang Theory art exhibition presents actors as cats

Have you ever wondered what the actors of The Big Bang Theory would look like as cats? Well ask yourself more, because a new video from CBS shows an artist rendering of all of your favorite Big Bang Theory actors and actresses as cats. Big Bang Theory’s cat drawings are part of a new exhibition by artists from Warner Bros. and Nulceus in Alhambra, California. “I had the chance to turn all the characters in The Big Bang Theory into cats,” explains artist Martin Hsu. “As soon as I found a hairless cat, the Sphynx cat, I immediately thought of Sheldon. He’s some kind of alien cat that’s like visiting our world and trying to make human contact. Sheldon is exactly the same. like that. And once that was hooked up, the rest kind of just created itself. ” Hsu continued, “The American Short-tailed, who is a cat that inspired Penny, he has his beautiful coat. Lively, outgoing, they have blonde fur, gorgeous and gorgeous cats. The cat that inspired Raj was the Bombay cat. The super cuddly cat looks a little lost. He has those huge eyes and looks really exotic. And he has this beautiful dark coat, and I really thought he was a perfect match for Raj. The cat that has inspired Howard is the grooviest cat. He’s eccentric. He has a sense of humor that some have and some don’t. The cat that inspired Leonard can seem a little cranky, you know, a little mysterious , which really reminds me of Leonard’s character. ”“ The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to The Big Bang Theory ”features over 50 works in a variety of mediums by a roster of professional artists. The art exhibition runs at the Nucleus until November 10, 2013.

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