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At Pepperdine, student fees are used to purchase critical books on racial theory

“Our funds are used against us to push a radical left ideology”

Two student leadership groups at Pepperdine University have used the money raised from tuition fees to donate various critical books on racial theory, sparking some controversy on campus.

The organizations involved are the Student Wellness Advisory Board and the Student Government Association, which organized a book giveaway to mark Black History Month.

Among the titles offered was Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” a book that seeks to explain the origins of racial inequalities in America, citing whites as being largely the cause.

“White Fragility” has remained on bestseller lists around the world, following a meteoric rise to fame brought on by the death of George Floyd while in police custody. DiAngelo, a white author, earns about $ 6,000 an hour per lecture, according to information obtained by The College fix.

Additional books as part of the giveaway included “The New Jim Crow” and “The Hate You Give” as well as books by authors such as Ibram Kendi, James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison.

None of the books offered as part of the giveaway included a perspective on black Americans from a conservative standpoint.

At Pepperdine, each of the organizations involved derives their funding from “campus living expenses,” a mandatory $ 252 fee that each of the school’s 3,600+ students pay each year.

Pepperdine’s media relations office declined to comment The College’s solution on the gift book.

Spencer Lindquist, president of the Republicans at Pepperdine College, said The College’s solution in an interview that the decision to buy the books was very controversial among some at the university.

“College Republicans were very honestly appalled by this decision,” Lindquist said. “Our funds are being used against us to push a radical left ideology. This is something the students had no say in. We did not know that our money would be used to advance a political agenda.

The Student Wellness Advisory Council and the Student Government Association did not respond to requests for The College’s solution looking for comments.

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